Coenzyme Co10 (CoQ10) why is it important?

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All cells need energy and this energy is provided by the mitochondria. 
The mitochondria need four enzymes to do this. One of these enzymes is coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 for short).

If too little CoQ10 is available, the available energy in the cells decreases, which naturally impairs the function of the cell. Not only muscle cells, but also the liver, kidneys, brain and all organs suffer when energy levels drop. This results in symptoms such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue (ME/CFS) or simply a loss of strength. Mitochondrial dysfunction.

But how can this deficient CoQ10 supply occur in the first place? 

With age, through statins and bisphosphonates. The cells can produce CoQ10 themselves. Yes, but the basic substance for CoQ10 is called GG (short for geranylgeraniol). And the production of this GG decreases with age. So much so that the amount of CoQ10 in the heart muscle drops to 68% at the age of 40 (to 43% at 80). Statins and bisphosphonates (cholesterol-lowering and osteoporosis drugs) also drastically deplete GG.    

This is why people try to supplement CoQ10. Unfortunately, CoQ10 is sensitive to oxidation and only 1% is absorbed via the intestine (up to 4% with some improvements). Nevertheless, CoQ10 has been shown to halve the mortality rate in heart failure (study from 2013). CoQ10 is also part of the standard medication for ME/CFS or similar poor performance. In advanced countries, CoQ10 is already given as standard with statins - to reduce the side effects.

But TRICUTIS does not offer CoQ10, why? 

We rely on GG (geranylgeraniol). This GG is the building material for CoQ10 and it is much better absorbed (because the molecule is much smaller). Studies have shown that GG produces even more CoQ10 in the cells than "finished" CoQ10 directly. GG is also the basic material for other important substances. Namely for muscle protein, vitamin K2 and sex hormones. We have a clinical study according to which testosterone levels were improved by GG (only in men with low testosterone, below 700 ng). Learn more about GG by this Video from Dr. Barrie Tan.

GG is actually the crux of the matter, for many things. This is now available as a plant extract: GG+T3 orellana (the same as Tocotrienol, as it comes from the same plant, Bixa orellana / Annatto). 

Our solution for CoQ10 (and a few other things): GG+T3 orellana